As Marshall Global Logistics – we organized a bulk cargo shipping on behalf of the one of our VIP clients NEVSAC METAL SANAYI origined in the south of Turkiye based on his new sales agreement with a new client located in the UK.

All the goods of the shipment were stored in our most effective warehouses in time and transported without any delay although the production stations of the shipper are located in different districts of Turkiye as Nevsehir and Gebze.

We delivered all the goods volumed 7980 cbm / weighted 4950 mts in the port of Cardiff by one bulk vessel which we provided the best price/performance ratio to our client even big difference on weight/volume ratio of the commodities for the shipment.

Project Name Turkiye England Bulk Steell Pipes & Profiles Project
Customer Nev-Sac Metal Sanayi A.S.
Delivery point Cardiff Port/ England
Total Volume 7.980 CBM
Total Weight 4.950 Mts
Comodity Steel pipes and profiles
Duration 28.11.2022 – 27.12.2022

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